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People are on the move more than ever before. For a better future, for a better everyday life. With Ria, you can send money online and in person, use digital tools to find a location or track your transfer, or have a working relationship with us. Head to our money transfer site or learn more about our other services.

About us

Trusted for nearly 40 years

As a global leader in the cross-border money transfer industry with almost 40 years of experience in the sector, we understand how important it is to get your money safely and quickly to where it matters most.

From putting food on the table to funding a local business, a little goes a long way and it comes down to us to ensure our customers’ hard-earned money is there to play its part.

Our network includes more than 500,000 locations across nearly 200 countries and territories, as well as 4 billion bank accounts and more than 2 billion mobile wallet users.

Our purpose

Improving life through money transfers

We champion new channels and markets, we make things flow safely, and we overcome complexity and borders. On our watch, nobody gets left behind. We harness technology and our global retail network to connect you with your loved ones, community, and goals. No matter the distance.

People deserve much more than just a fair price. They deserve empathy, hope, and respect. That’s how we do right by people and their needs – not more, not less. We raise the bar and put people first, delivering your hard-earned money to those who need it – affordably, quickly, and safely.

Our story

In 1987, we were a small, immigrant-made business with one simple mission: to help people like us stay connected to their loved ones around the world. We knew from personal experience that settling in a new country was hard, especially when you have mouths to feed and parents to look after back home.

And that’s what made the difference. When friends and community members stepped into our store, they felt at home. The people who prepared their order spoke the same language, and even knew their relatives. We believe everyone has a right to make a better life for themselves. And we believe the best way to help others achieve their full potential is through genuine connection.

That’s what made Ria special, and it hasn’t changed. In 2007, Ria was acquired by Euronet Worldwide Inc., a leading a leading global financial technology solutions and payments provider.

Now, we’re one of the top money transfer companies in the world. But despite how far we’ve come, how many stores we’ve opened, and how many markets we’ve entered, we still think globally but act locally. We are a company made up of migrants at the service of migrants. We believe everyone has a right to make a better life for themselves. And we believe the best way to help others achieve their full potential is through genuine connection.

Our sponsorships

Football, like the money transfer industry, is fast-moving and ever-changing. But, just like Inter Milan, we relish the challenge and are driven by our constant pursuit of excellence.

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Our partnership with Save the Children

Ria Money Transfer is a global partner of Save the Children, a leading humanitarian organisation for children.

Since 2022, we have worked together with Save the Children on projects that have brought access to safe and supportive early-childhood education to more than 23,000 children in Mexico and the Philippines.

Together, we aim to make an even bigger difference for children around the world in the coming year and beyond.

The World We Share Series

The story of every transfer is unique, but all of those stories share some things in common: a love that spans time and geography, and a dream of a better everyday life. See some of their stories in our series, The World We Share.

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