Partner with Ria

Ria offers several options for partnerships. Contact us and find out how we can benefit each other through a mutual relationship of growth and prosperity. Whether you own a store and want to offer money transfer services to your customers or are a digital business that wants to tap into our banking network, we have something that'll work for you.

For business growth

Become an agent

If you have a physical store, connect your business with Ria’s and unlock new opportunities for your customers. With Ria’s money transfer system, you can allow your customers to send or receive money transfers at the touch of a button. Our solution is simple, secure, and has over 30 years of experience. Let us power your money transfer service while you earn attractive commissions.

For expanded services

Digital partnerships

If you have an online business, we offer a global payment solution that fully integrates with your website or mobile app. Give your customers a digital platform to send money, a fully customized user experience, and multiple receiving methods for their recipients.

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